SWAG integrates BASIS ID’s seamless verification solution to enhance freedom and autonomy of the customers’ Bitcoins

3 min readApr 15, 2021


BASIS ID, a global digital identity verification provider, and innovative Swag Corporate announce a partnership focused on streamlining verification and compliance processes for Swaggy, the SWAG App that allows using bitcoin with a euro bank account.

The cooperation is aimed to pursue the following goals:
1. SWAG needs seamless, secure and 100% compliant verification for the digital onboarding of their customers.
2. In addition to liveness checks and biometrics, SWAG needs a fast and smooth address verification solution.

As one of the COVID-19 pandemics consequences, the cybercrime rate has increased significantly across the globe while the regulatory demands for the cryptocurrency sector are getting higher than ever. The requirements to monitor financial transactions, along with sanctions screening and analysis for money laundering have become a very serious concern for many cryptocurrency businesses. However, simply meeting KYC and AML requirements do not prevent identity fraud or protect companies from fraudsters.

BASIS ID is one of few global digital identity verification vendors, that help blockchain-related companies provide effective and frictionless onboarding of their customers with 100% fraud protection.

“After seeing BASIS ID’s demo of their KYC verification, there were no thoughts left of doing the process in-house. We’ve been extremely satisfied with their professional service along with our close-knit communication and mutual support. BASIS ID continues to be our choice for the future developments of Swag.” comments Mari Tiidus, Head of SWAG Customer Support and Sourcing Manager.

The executive director of BASIS ID Akim Arhipov shares Swag’s excitement regarding this collaboration and says: “We are honoured to work with SWAG. The company is incredibly focused on counter-fraud and it correlates with our mission. Having said that, we are working together to increase the pass-rate. Our goal is to verify a huge number of Swag users by the end of 2021.”

About SWAG:
Swag is a young, innovative company that is committed to building a high-performance and reliable product on a daily basis. It is based in Estonia with international origins. In addition to its mining community, Swag has developed a proprietary Exchange webapp “Swaggy”. This application allows people to buy, sell and exchange Bitcoin in an immediate, simple and safe way. Swaggy’s users also get access to many BTC-related services, such as credits, crowdfunding, games etc. The Company’s goal is to share the resulting profits with all Network participants by emphasising the concepts of reliability and transparency in parallel.
To learn more, please visit http://www.swaggyapp.com and http://www.swagyourlife.com

BASIS ID is a member of ZignSec group company. Being a global award-wining identity verification service and KYC/AML screening provider, BASIS ID helps companies of all sizes and industries in flawless customer onboarding and strong compliance with international regulators requirements. It follows every regulatory obligation meaning strong reporting, corporate governance, licensing, and compliance with international laws such as GDPR, data localisation laws, and FATF.
For more information, please visit http://www.basisid.com




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