CS.MONEY and BASIS ID have joined forces to enable users to perform the trading of gaming assets securely and quickly

The biggest in-game skin trading platform — CS.MONEY and the identity verification service provider — BASIS ID have announced their partnership in October this year.

The identity verification is implemented for specific payment methods available at the platform, which guarantees that the skins purchase or exchange is safe and secure for all the parties involved.

“We are working with the audience of hardcore gamers — a market with its unique specifics, and we have to take it into account when choosing the payment options. At the same time, it is important to provide the maximum speed of the identity verification, so that the skins reached the inventory as soon as possible and customers could start raining death from their new shiny guns. Together with BASIS ID, we have enabled our customers to use more payment options.” comments the CEO of CS.MONEY.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in-game skins exchange platform operates globally and supports professional teams/tournaments such as DreamHack and BlastProSeries.

“We all love games of some kind and BASIS ID has employees with the highest ranks in CS:GO, therefore making this partnership truly special for us. We understand gamers and work with CS.MONEY to deliver a great service, as well as efficient customer support that helps users gain access to certain features quickly and with comfort. We are happy to be working together!” says the CEO of BASIS ID — Akim Arhipov.

BASIS ID is one of the biggest KYC service suppliers in Asia, that helps companies all across the globe to create better customer onboarding experience in order to engage the maximum amount of customers.

BASIS ID and CS.MONEY have already outlined the possibility of bringing additional payment methods to the platform and new geographical markets to conquer.

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The best solution to business tasks of KYC, AML and verification procedure.

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The best solution to business tasks of KYC, AML and verification procedure.