Behavioral Biometric vs Physical Biometric: Complete Guide by BASIS ID

What is Behavioral Biometrics

Keystroke Dynamics

Signature Recognition

Gesture Recognition

Voice Recognition

Gait Recognition

Lip Motion

Advantages and disadvantages of behavioral biometrics

  • A unique combination of analysed behavioral characteristics for each real person
  • Smooth integration methods, no need for custom script change to carry out identity verification
  • Improves verification accuracy in multimodal identification systems
  • As behavioral biometrics are not widely validated, implementation of it can be costly
  • Requires lots of personal data to figure out and build up a user’s typical behaviour
  • Not always can be accurate in unimodal identification systems since human behaviour is not always regular. People may behave differently when they are in a hurry, tired, drunk or feel unwell

Physical Biometrics

DNA Matching

Ear Acoustic Authentication

Eye Vein Recognition

Facial Recognition

Finger Vein Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition

Footprint and Foot Dynamics

Hand Geometry

Iris Recognition

Body Odor Recognition

Palm Print Recognition

Palm Vein Recognition

Retinal Scan

Skin Reflection

Thermography Recognition

Advantages and disadvantages of physical biometrics

  • Identifying physical traits are indivisible from the individual; they cannot be forgotten or lost
  • It is relatively hard to fake identifying physical traits
  • The procedure of verification is quick and mostly AI-driven
  • Some types of physical biometric identification require certain environmental conditions
  • In some cases biometric identifiers can be damaged, thus become impossible to read
  • Certain physiological biometric scanners are way too expensive to implement widely
  • A high level of personal biometric data protection is required to comply with regulatory obligations

What Type of Biometrics Is the Most Accurate?

What Is the Safest Type of Biometric?

Final Thoughts



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